We offer electric services that include electrical equipment maintenance and installation. Safety services include inspections, designs, and upgrades for both residential and commercial projects. Maintaining the electrical controls and equipment is important in ensuring the overall safety of your property, and with predictive maintenance, electronic control diagnoses, and electrical analyses, your electrical equipment can be kept under control and your property kept safe. Whether it's wiring or upgrades, we can help make sure that your electrical controls and equipment are installed, repaired, and maintained properly. Welkin International is ready to assist our clients in building and maintaining their properties, and to keep all projects running smoothly so our clients don't have to worry. For more information about our electrical services or any other services, please contact us.

Construction Services
Welkin's construction services are the most comprehensive in the industry. They include UPS and generators, energy management, general circuiting, life safety, lighting, motor controls, and power distribution for tenant development and shell & core applications.


• New construction
• Architectural&Design
• Room Addition
• Electric
• Plumbing
• Painting
• Roofing
• Flooring
• Remodeling
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