Our company has a variety of flooring materials and accessories to choose from, and can also assist with the installation and maintenance of these flooring materials. With our wide selection of options, you will be sure to find one to suit your style and meet the specifications of your project. Materials come in a multitude of construction types, patterns, and colors. Flooring choices come in hardwood and engineered options, while accessories include urethane adhesives, urethane removers, concrete moisture control, end and t-moldings, and flooring trowels. We can help you choose the best combination for your project, at the best price. Contact us for a listing of available materials, or for more information or a consultation about the best option for your plans.

Ongoing Industrial and Commercial Flooring Innovations
Over the years, Welkin has led the way in the development of innovative commercial flooring products, installation methods and equipment. We are continually developing new flooring technology and improving existing industrial and commercial flooring products to combine cost-effectiveness with superior performance.


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• Architectural&Design
• Room Addition
• Electric
• Plumbing
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